Early one morning of December 2020, I decided to disobey the lockdown and go camping with my dog Buddy. I gathered our supplies, gear and the food needed to sustain us for an overnighter. We soon found a perfect spot, flat with green luscious grass. I pulled out my tent and soon realized I had never set this particular tent up by myself before. It was 45 minutes and a YouTube video later when I finally set up the tent. I about had an aneurism trying figure that out on my own, thank God for YouTube! After the tent was up I placed my gear inside and organized it all. It was a typical set up with a few modern conveniences. My favorite item was a 500w Solar Generator by Audew. Next I needed to gather some firewood (Watch video to see what I really burned LOL). Once the fire was going I cooked up chicken fajitas and cauliflower (I’m on a strict renal diet). While the fire was cooking my lunch and the sun was still up, I decided to  make a large batch of sun tea.

     Lunch was a bit bigger than my stomach so I shared a few pieces of chicken with Buddy. I’m not sure he even chewed it, but it was more like he inhaled it. After lunch it was time to relax and unwind. I climbed into my tent and pulled out my beads, bead board and the materials I would need to make a new piece of jewelry. I designed a beautiful Green Onyx & Peridot beaded necklace to add to my Etsy Boutique. Then I finally took a nap and woke up in the darkness. In Southern California this time of year it gets dark around 4:30 pm. Since it was dark and I was still full from lunch, I decided to skip dinner and just make a hot cup of peppermint tea – then call it a night. In the morning I stoked the fire and boiled water for instant oatmeal and hot tea. Buddy had a rough night because of the low temperatures over the night. I packed up my camp and went home.

The video link directs you to my private Facebook group: Blind Chick Adventures. You will have to join to watch. 

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