2020 has been the year for a weird new fashion trend. Face mask are now in every color, material, pattern and size known to man. I didn’t jump on the mask making train and even when I did, I still stayed clear of making the actual masks themselves. It was however in the back of my mind of how I can be innovative and unique. Just keeping with my brand mindset. In late October 2020 I came up with a hair-brainer idea!

     How many of you hate how many times you have to dig in your pocket, purse or wherever you keep your mask? Wouldn’t it be cool to just unhook from your ears and forget it? That’s why I made a lanyard, just like how grandma wore her glasses when she would take them off! Around her neck! Then to add another element to these lanyards, so I chose gemstone beads!

      When I listed these originally, I didn’t have length options – I was just going to send every customer a 30″+ lanyard and I was so kindly reminded about how women don’t like to be boxed in and love as many options as possible. Same goes for the face mask! So I bought a variety of handmade face mask from a fellow Etsy shop owner. So I ended up with 10 different face mask options and 3 lanyard sizes! So now you can wear your face mask like a piece of jewelry! Just attach and un-attach the lanyard from the face mask to change or launder your face mask. Also, you’ll never have to dig around your purse anymore! Just pull it off your ears, drop it down and forget!

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