It was a cold day at the beach, I really did not feel like going out and freezing my behind off. Instead I decided I would make a cup of hot tea and create a few new pieces for my Etsy boutique. I had purchased five rainbow moonstone cabochons, five omega silver chains and silver polymer baking clay a few weeks ago. They had all coincidentally arrived earlier that day. I had a plan to put all these elements together in a way I had not tried before. I have done tons of beading, chunky silver pieces and such. These piece were all so beautiful on their own. I wanted to create something more simplistic, a minimalist style piece. I decided I would bake the stone onto the omega silver chain, as if it were floating.

     I set the oven at 275ºF and grabbed my omega silver chain, a small piece of the silver polymer baking clay and a stone. I laid my chain out straight and found my center (I double checked my center later on). I took my small piece of clay and pressed it onto the back of the rainbow moonstone cabochon. I evened out the clay to only stay on the back of the stone and not go over the edges. Once I did this, I picked up my chain and checked the center again and pressed the chain into the back of my stone. I pinched the clay over the chain and evened it out. Once I was satisified with the results I placed it on my cookie sheet with the stone facing down. I made four more the same way and placed the cookie sheet in the oven for 15 minutes.

     Once I took the cookie sheet out I let cool for a few minutes. I then grabbed a 4 in 1 nail block you would use to shape, smooth, buff and shine your fingernails with. I shaped the hard clay and removed any excess around the edges. Then I smoothed it out, buffed and polished. Lastly, I took my glossy spray sealer and gave the hardened clay a protective layer against moisture and a glossy shine.

If you want to do this yourself, watch the video below. The video link directs you to my private Facebook group: Blind Chick Adventures. You will have to join to watch. 


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Oval Omega Silver Minimalist Rainbow Moonstone Necklace


Square Omega Silver Minimalist Rainbow Moonstone Necklace


Irregular Omega Silver Minimalist Rainbow Moonstone Necklace


Teardrop Omega Silver Minimalist Rainbow Moonstone Necklace


Triangle Omega Silver Minimalist Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

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