I have been vision impaired since I was 9 years old. The multiple strokes took my eyesight, hearing, ability to walk and turned me into an infant essentially. I went through years of therapy and regained most of what I lost, but my eyesight and hearing did not get restored. It’s been quite a long and unique journey these 26 rotations around the sun. Then the year 2020 arrives and my friend and neighbor says she used to make hula hoops and decorate them. (This was January/February, before anyone even knew anything about the Corona Virus/COVID-19/World-Wide Pandemic.) I have been thinking a long time about how to ease the heartbreak for women/girls whom recently lost their sight. The feeling is very isolating. So I thought If something was available to me that eased the transition and devastation of my loss of vision, and all the changes I would have to accept… I would have been in a better “place”. So I had my friend wrap my white cane and the idea was born! Designer white canes.

     I just want to give young girls and newly impaired women a little piece of hope for their future. Because when you lose your sight you tend to feel like life is over. You miss opportunities with friends, you don’t get to enjoy life as you would as a fully sighted individual. If I had a cane like this, and not my boring red & white… things would have seemed a bit brighter. Yes, blind canes are typically red and white, but do they really have to be? If you see someone feeling the ground with a stick, you know it’s not an act or a costume.. it’s an instrument. Make the best out of a bad situation. Give someone a gift of hope.

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Designer White Canes for the Blind & Vision Impaired

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