It was a Friday and I had not made a sale in weeks and I tried to think of new items I could add to my Etsy shop. I was wearing my new funny T-shirt “Hi, I’m Awkward.” I had already created 3 humor beach graphics earlier that day to pass the time, but wasn’t sure where I could put them. The 3 graphics included “Resting Beach Face” with a pair of trendy sunglasses in the color blue; “Not Your Basic Beach” with a Female symbol and a mermaid tail; and lastly a simple #MERMAID in blue.  I thought I could maybe sell the graphics as digital downloads, but who would want to buy just a humor beach graphic? How much could I really sell them for? So later that day I finally came to the conclusion that I would hire my good friends in the printing business to create t-shirts for me. I ordered 3 smalls, 3 mediums and 3 larges in each style and also made other larger sizes available upon request. The quality of the t-shirts are amazing, super thick breathable cotton. Because I don’t know about you, but I am irritated buying t-shirts for over $20 and they are so thin that you have to wear another shirt under it! The style is super cute too, sporty V-neck with long fitting body – perfect for beach days or lounging in with yoga pants. They are available right now on my Etsy shop for $25 each & Free Shipping!

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Resting Beach Face


Not A Basic Beach





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