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Beach Humor T-shirts by SFB

     It was a Friday and I had not made a sale in weeks and I tried to think of new items I could add to my Etsy shop. I was wearing my new funny T-shirt “Hi, I’m Awkward.” I had already created 3 humor beach graphics earlier that day to pass the time, […]

Happy New Year 2021

     We are all thankful to get this year over with, but what a strange New Years Eve! I watched the West Coast Countdown on YouTube last night and it was earie how the streets were so empty. The countdown included live video of various major cities on the West Coast in a collage […]

Designer White Canes for the Blind

     I have been vision impaired since I was 9 years old. The multiple strokes took my eyesight, hearing, ability to walk and turned me into an infant essentially. I went through years of therapy and regained most of what I lost, but my eyesight and hearing did not get restored. It’s been quite […]

Face Mask & Lanyard

     2020 has been the year for a weird new fashion trend. Face mask are now in every color, material, pattern and size known to man. I didn’t jump on the mask making train and even when I did, I still stayed clear of making the actual masks themselves. It was however in the […]