Surfers Point Boutique
“Etsy Store by the Shore”

     In 2018 I started with a box of beads, string and wire. Gemstones, wood and pure metals were my materials of choice. It was a time where I needed to make a change in my life for the better. Change is always a positive move for me, whether it be bad or good – change has always sent me in the right direction – so again I followed my heart.

     After creating my first piece I was hooked on beads! I spent most of my days sitting in my living room making jewelry all day long. I created so many pieces that I started hanging them on my walls. The wall space quickly ran out and I needed to start thinning out my collection and a friend of mine suggested opening an Etsy shop.

     In July 2018 I listed over 150 beaded necklaces, all made of organic materials. This shop, 2 years later has become a treasure trove of quality handmade jewelry, gifts and home décor. Change is healthy when you’re following your heart.